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Things You Must Know About Audiobooks By Famous Authors

Did you know that memoir audiobooks have gained immense popularity in recent years? According to a survey conducted by a leading audiobook platform, it was found that an astonishing 78% of audiobook consumers preferred memoirs by famous authors.

With such a significant demand, it begs the question: what are the best memoir audiobooks free download by these renowned authors? Well, look no further as we delve into two exceptional memoirs that have captivated audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming

Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ is a powerful and inspiring memoir that takes you on a journey through her remarkable life. As you listen to the audiobook, you’ll be captivated by her honest and heartfelt storytelling.

Michelle’s narration brings her story to life, allowing you to experience both the triumphs and challenges she faced. From her humble beginnings on the South Side of Chicago to her role as First Lady of the United States, Michelle’s journey is one of resilience, determination, and grace.

Through her compelling narrative, she shares her personal struggles, her passion for education and healthcare, and the importance of finding your voice.

‘Becoming’ isn’t just a memoir; it’s a call to action and a reminder that everyone has the power to shape their own destiny.

Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime

Continuing on the theme of powerful and inspiring memoirs, Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’ takes you on a captivating journey through his extraordinary life. As the host of ‘The Daily Show,’ Noah’s memoir explores his childhood growing up in apartheid South Africa.

Born to a Swiss father and a Xhosa mother, Noah’s existence was considered a crime under apartheid law. Through his witty and poignant storytelling, Noah shares the challenges he faced, from navigating the complexities of race to the struggles of poverty.

With his unique perspective, he sheds light on the resilience of the human spirit and the power of humor in the face of adversity. ‘Born a Crime’ isn’t only a memoir but a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the importance of embracing one’s own identity.


So, if you’re looking for captivating memoir audiobooks by famous authors, look no further than Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ and Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’.

These two memoirs, narrated by the authors themselves, offer unique insights into their lives and experiences, making for a truly engaging listening experience.

Whether you’re a fan of politics or comedy, these memoirs are sure to leave a lasting impression.

So grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired and entertained.